In Cattolica,
your holiday
is accessible

Looking for an accessible holiday on the Romagna Riviera? Cattolica combines all the beauty of a seaside holiday with a personalised welcome, with comfort and care for every visitor.
Welcome to Cattolica, the Queen of the Adriatic that embraces inclusion and offers extraordinary experiences for all visitors!
Cattolica guarantees a variety of services and facilities for an accessible and enjoyable holiday for everyone’s needs.
Discover them all and plan inclusive holidays in Cattolica!

Welcome Everybody

Cattolica takes part in the regional project “In Emilia-Romagna there is a holiday for me”: together with the other municipalities along the coast it makes a concrete commitment every day to offer a pleasant stay for all tourists, including those with disabilities.

Accessible services

Accessible beaches

Cattolica’s public beaches are within everyone’s reach! They are in fact equipped with walkways down to the sea, toilets suitable for all users and accessible showers. Half of the beaches are equipped with JoB chairs, special beach wheelchairs to allow everyone to bathe.

Cattolica, the sea of quality
The Municipality of Cattolica has adopted a regulation to certify beach facilities with a quality mark: one of the standards required of certified facilities is the presence of accessible and inclusive services.

Discover all the accessible beaches!


For any medical or health needs you can find assistance at the Cattolica Hospital in Via Ludwig Van Beethoven 1, or you can contact the Guardia Medica Turistica, by going to the office in Via Carducci 157 or by calling 800 118 009.
Do you need specialised products or accessories? In Cattolica you will find pharmacies and shops selling health and orthopaedic products, click here for more information.

Accessible routes

In addition to the beaches, Cattolica also offers many routes inland among ancient villages and castles and in nature among the wonders of the Monte San Bartolo Park.
Guides will accompany you on itineraries suited to your needs and offer any support you may need.
Contact Cattolica’s IAT for all information!

Cattolica Aquarium

Would you like to organise a day at the Cattolica Aquarium? Live an immersive and accessible experience; the Aquarium guarantees a complete visit of the 3 routes with animals, dedicated assistance from the staff and ample parking.
Find out all the information here!

Queen's Museum

Culture and history in Cattolica are for everyone. Visit the Museo della Regina without obstacles and barriers, with convenient parking nearby, such as the one in Piazzetta Mentana, and the lift to visit all the floors and collections of the museum.

For information and assistance, call 0541 966577.

Plan your accessible holiday in Cattolica


Dove mangiare a Cattolica

Looking for an accessible restaurant in Cattolica? Enjoy a dinner or lunch break in total comfort and safety: find the restaurant that best suits your needs. In Cattolica hospitality, which we look after with experience and professionalism. It’s a guarantee!

Accessible accommodation facilities

Dove dormire a Cattolica

Looking for an accessible hotel in Cattolica?
Choose from a wide range of accessible accommodation solutions for a holiday with all the comfort and assistance you desire in Cattolica. Trained staff, barrier-free locations and services for all needs are waiting for you.


Dove dormire a Cattolica

In Cattolica the sea is for everyone!
The beaches will welcome you with tailor-made equipment: walkways, high sunbeds, adequate showers and toilets, JoB chairs for access to the water and raised signage for the visually impaired.


Pet Friendly

Experience your holidays in Cattolica together with your 4-legged friends. Choose pet friendly hotels, dog friendly beaches and restaurants for an unforgettable stay!


Food and wine