Antonello Venditti – Notte Prima degli Esami Tour

On 6th August 2024, Antonello Venditti will perform at the Arena della Regina at 9 p.m. to symbolically blow out  40 candles together with his fans, performing in his tour “Notte Prima degli esami Tour”

This year he celebrates his 75th birthday and also celebrates the 40th anniversary of his album “Cuore”, one of his best-loved and most successful works.

The artistic career of Antonello Venditti, born Antonio, began at the Folkstudio in Via Garibaldi.  He lived the 1970s artistically with great ferment and participation, releasing almost an album a year, and becoming one of the major cornerstones of Italian singer-songwriter music. A great merit must be given to Antonello Venditti: that of having been the first Italian singer-songwriter to speak through music about politics (‘Compagno di scuola’), drugs and sex (‘Lilly’), in a period as particular as the 1970s.
He went through the 80s, 90s and 2000s always offering new emotions and remaining true to himself.

Tickets for Antonello Venditti  “Notte Prima degli Esami Tour”, are available on CiaoTickets and  authorised retailers.



Data: 6 Agosto 2024
Time: 9:00 p.m.
Address: Piazza della Repubblica
For a fee
Organized by: Comune di Cattolica, Pulp Live Concerti
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