Capo Plaza Summer Tour

Capo Plaza Summer Tour
Cattolica’s Arena della Regina is ready to be overwhelmed and “shocked” by the sounds of Italian rapper Capo Plaza with his Summer Tour!

The artist from Salerno will reach Cattolica and the Arena stage on Friday, July 26: it’s time for the Capo Plaza Summer Tour!
For the occasion, he will sing with his “loyalists” some of the songs that have made him most famous up to the most recent ones like the single “Acqua Passata.”
His latest Album, Wounds, in fact, due out in May, announced in a preview on Fortnite, anticipates a different Capo Plaza.


Capo Plaza, born Luca, shows a different maturity and speaks of fear and glory, Wounds is the Salerno rapper’s account of the past two years.
A tale born spontaneously in a recording studio like a stream of consciousness. Plaza no longer has the naiveté of his 20s. But a greater awareness and the same desire to put himself out there despite the fear of failure.

Capo Plaza Summer Tour will overwhelm you!
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Data: 26 July 2024
Time: 9:00 p.m.
Address: Piazza della Repubblica
For a fee
Organized by: Comune di Cattolica, Pulp Live Concerti
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