Cattolica JaZzFeeling Festival

Cattolica JaZzFeeling Festival

The third edition of Cattolica JaZzfeeling Festival starts on Thursday 11th July in the beautiful setting of Piazza Roosevelt.

Every Thursday at 9 pm, until Thursday 22nd August (excluding mid-August) this square will become the “Regina dell’ADRIATICO” beating heart of jazz!

Six free jazz concerts will offer the public an unforgettable experience of extraordinary music, passion and a strong sense of community

The Festival opens on 11th July with the Turone Quintet, presenting ‘A Friendly Jazz Night’. This concert, dedicated to friendship, will feature the talented singer Rossella Graziani, with a tribute to Henry Mancini on the centenary of his birth and to Duke Ellington fifty years after his death.

The Fabulous Diesis Quartet, on 18th July, with the splendid voice of Alessandra Syrkasheva, will be the protagonist of the evening “Fascinating Mainstream”.

On 25th July, jazz will meet Brazil with the quartet led by Roberto Torri, defined as “the most Brazilian Italian”, accompanied by singer Mariapia Gobbi and renowned drummer Massimo Manzi, in an evening entitled “Brazil On My Mind”.

The MiCO sextet, led by Michele Santoriello, on 1st August, will present ‘Sound of Landscape’. This concert will offer a mix of funky and fusion, transporting the audience through sensations, sceneries and moments of lived life.

On 8th August, Francesco Mancini Zanchi’s quartet will bring ‘Across The Border’, a performance that crosses the boundaries of traditional jazz and embraces renaissance, singer-songwriter, swing and funk jazz influences.

Finally, the closure of the Festival, on Thursday 22nd August, will be entrusted to the CTJazZ Trio with ‘Miami Connection’. This trio, hailing from Miami, will offer a performance characterised by an intense groove and overwhelming energy, alternating with moments of deep sensitivity.

Cattolica JaZzFeeling Festival!
Under the artistic direction of Diego Olivieri, the complete programme of the Cattolica JaZzFeeling Festival is as follows:

– 11 July: “A Friendly Jazz Night” – Turone Quintet
– 18 July: “Fascinating Mainstream” – Fabulous Diesis Quartet
– 25 July: “Brazil On My Mind” – Torri Quartet
– 1 August: ‘Sound of Landscape’ – MiCO Sextet
– 8 August: ‘Across The Border’ – Mancini Zanchi Quartet
– 22 August: “Miami Connection” – CTJazZ Trio

Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in a unique musical journey.

The Cattolica JaZzFeeling Festival awaits you every Thursday to celebrate jazz in all its nuances!

Data: from 11th July to 22nd August
Time: 9:00 p.m.
Address: Piazzale Roosevelt
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