Notte Rosa – Dante Dance Street

“Notte Rosa 2024”: Get ready to Dance with the Dante Dance Street!

Cattolica is waiting for you with the Dante Dance Street, a unique experience to dance and meet thousands of people, which promises to be an unmissable event in Cattolica.

Get ready to dance with the Dante Dance Street! This unique and entertaining event will transform the street into a stage of music and fun, bringing people of all ages together in a collective embrace. Get ready to dance non-stop in an atmosphere of pure joy and sharing, in a celebration of Romagna hospitality.

Viale Dante is Pink!

On Saturday 6th July, from 9.30 p.m., Viale Dante in Cattolica will be transformed into an open-air party, welcoming the dancing crowd for an evening of fun, music and sharing. The Dante Dance Street will unite people of all ages in a big collective embrace, without barriers and with only the desire to dance.

Music and Dance for Everybody!

The Dante Dance Street will be animated by a variety of shows and musical performances, including Caribbean Dj Chicco, Black Devils Country, Dance Mania and Ritmo Dance. Dancing will be the universal language that brings people together, overcoming all distinctions of genre and sound, in a celebration of the hospitality and welcome that characterises Romagna.

An Unforgettable Pink Weekend

Don’t miss the chance to experience the 2024 in Cattolica. Prepare to be amazed by the pink and glamorous tones of this extraordinary event. A pink weekend all to dance awaits you, with Dante Dance Street ready to give you unforgettable emotions and an experience of pure joy.

Event Details

– When: Saturday 6th July, from 9.30 p.m.
– Where: Viale Dante, Cattolica

Come dance with us and experience the magic of the Pink Night 2024 in Cattolica!

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Notte Rosa 2024
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Data: 06 July 2024
Time: 9:00 p.m.
Address: Viale Dante
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