Prince Celestino

In the kingdom of Bellonia, Prince Charming has become a man: following kingdom rule, the CHOOSE FAIRY is been announced, to find an adequate wife for the future king, otherwise he’s destined to rot within 24 hours.
By law, all the kingdom’s maidens must participate and, between tricks and traps, Bianca, Cenerella, Belle, and many others will compete with no holds barred.
A female fairy tale, that teaches that principles are most important than princes.
Friday January the 6th in piazzetta Filippini Sandra’s puppets await you!
When? At 4:30pm
The show is free!
Prince Celestino
Hand Puppet show of and with Sandra Pagliarani
Helped by Davide Lora or Brina Babini
Direction and drama collaboration: Elis Ferricini-Alessandro Zijno
Preparation collaboration: Brina Babini and Sara Goldoni
Data: January the 6th
Time: 4:30pm
Address: Piazzetta Filippini
Organized by: Comune di Cattolica
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