Strariva is joy.
A musical snake along the entire Cattolica coastline, where the sea kisses the beach.
Everywhere jazz and funk music, smiles and good cheer!

In the warm June sunshine, the Jazz Marching Band Festival, that last year rocked the entire Cattolica coastline, is back! !
On 22nd and 23rd June, starting at 4.30 p.m., the festival will sweep you away with its rhythmic charge, improvisation and the warm sound of its instruments.


On 22nd and 23rd June, Cattolica’s seashore will be explugged twice:
Cattolica’s beach will be crossed by Funk OFF, the most important and spectacular of the Italian marching bands. Composed of about 15 elements, playing unplugged they will cover the entire shoreline, about 2 km, starting from the public beach in the northern area of Cattolica, beside the Ventena river, and arriving at the public beach in the southern area, before the harbour dock. A strong and engaging rhythm mixing the spirit of New Orleans brass bands with funk.
Marching jazz and funk music will involve guests and participants.
Simultaneously, there will be 12 (EXtra)fixed duo / trio positions, also unplugged, at specific points on the beach, which will play before and after the passage of the (stra)band.
A big musical caravan ending in an epic party on the beach!
But that’s not all, the next day there will be a surprise!

Bars and restaurants all over the beach will offer themed menus, cocktails and drinks for the occasion, drinks and menus with a South American flavour, hot and spicy, or cool and fruity, refreshing.
When the marching band arrives on the public beach in the southern area proposals for a romantic and evocative aperitif will be suggested

Discover theStrariva event!
Strariva is music and fun, Strariva await you on the beaches in Cattolica on 22nd June!


Data: From 22 till 23 June
Time: from 4:30 p.m.
Address: on the beach of Cattolica
Organized by: Le Spiagge di Cattolica; Comune di Cattolica
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