The Culinary Delights of the Frozen Forest

Following the icy sky from Palazzo Mancini to viale Bovio you will stumble upon the “Luvarie” (“delicacies” in local dialect) of the Frozen Forest, the delicious Ice Queen’s gastronomic market.
After the big tree in Nettuno Square, 12 beautifully decorated wooden chalets full of delicacies and local specialties awaits you: cotton candy, hot chocolates, cookies of all sorts, panettoni, lollipops and fragrant vin brulè. And also waffles, crepes, bubble waffles, fresh fruit, pasticciotti pugliesi, brezel and good wine. Do you prefer salty snacks? No problem, you will find a lot of different choices, such as piadine, fish sandwiches, cones filled with deep fried fish, chips or cappelletti, bavarian cuisine, and even ramen, takoyaki and gyoza from far east cuisine!
Get lost in the magic of Christmas, surrounded by the cinnamon smell, enjoy the view of Cattolica from the Panoramic Wheel in Piazza I Maggio, stroll among the shops windows, stop to watch the artists’ shows that liven up the Frozen Forest. Finally, come to listen to the Ice Queen’s fairy tale in Roosevelt Square and walk until the dock to watch the city lights with the sound of the sea playing in the background.
Who will you find in the Frozen Forest?
• The Apulian House, offering pasticciotti, tette di monaca, cold cuts and salami, cooked wine and much more
• The Gingerbread House, offering pancakes, waffle, bubble sticks and hot chocolate
• The Seaman House, with seafood aperitivi, skewers and much more
• The Cake Lab House, with a lot of bomboloni, nougats, cookies, macarons, panettoni, anf chocolate
• The Sea Urchin House, with stuffed piadine, drinks, aperitivi and vin brulè
• The Conca House, offering aperitivi with local products such as porchetta, fried cappelletti and seafood ravioli
• The Fruit House, with roasted chestnuts and typical local delicacies
• The Sweet Snow House, filled with huge cotton candies, bubble tea, crepes and candies
• The Bavarian House, offering typical German products, wurstel, hot wines, vin brulè, miacetto and Christmas pastries
• The Dock House, offering fried fish, vegetables, skewers, piadina and sandwiches and classical bar products
• The Wheel House, offering many sweets and candies, candy canes, cotton candy, crepes and access to the Big Panoramic Wheel.
The “Luvarie” of the Frozen Forest awaits you every day
Monday-Tuesday from 3:00pm to 8:00pm
Friday-Sunday from 11:00am to 10:00pm

Data: from 3rd December
Time: from 3:00 p.m.
Address: Viale Bovio - Viale Matteotti - Piazza I Maggio
Organized by: Comune di Cattolica
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