Umberto Tozzi: L’ultima Notte Rosa

Umberto Tozzi: “Ultima Notte Rosa, The final tour” arrives in Cattolica on July 12, 2024!

In the farewell tour the Arena della Regina will be stage of the last live tour of the Turin singer-songwriter.

Umberto Tozzi announces in fact in this beginning 2024 a great world tour, three tours one inside the other, one in Italy, one in Europe and one Worldwide, to celebrate his long musical career and retire to private life: a sequence of over 40 unforgettable shows in exceptional locations that will touch three continents, Europe, Oceania and America.

A career full of successes and awards in Italy and worldwide, more than 80 million records sold and over 2000 concerts.

The unmistakable voice of the artist will be accompanied by an orchestra of 21 elements and will be the last opportunity to experience the emotions of Umberto Tozzi’s live performances.

Tozzi arrives in Cattolica on Friday, July 12, with his “Ultima Notte Rosa, The final tour”, in concert with orchestra.

The stage of Cattolica, here in the Arena della Regina, will be the only date in the Riviera.

Tickets are available from 20 March on sale on ticketone, or at any authorized physical retailer.

Singer-songwriter charismatic and creative musician, Umberto Tozzi thanks to his timeless hits has become an icon of Italian music and has crossed and passionate entire generations, filling with his concerts the most important spaces in the world dedicated to music with its faithful and transversal audience.




Data: 12 July 2024
Time: 9:00 p.m.
Address: Piazza della Repubblica
For a fee
Organized by: Comune di Cattolica, Pulp Live Concerti
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