Category: Sport & Wellness

The Conca Valley Wildlife Oasis offers nature paths ideal for both walking and biking. The paths start from the river mouth, on the north side of Cattolica, and stretches for 15km following the river on both banks, and crossing the Conca dam. The trail extends up to Morciano di Romagna and San Clemente, and has a duration of around 3 hours of walking and around 1 hour of cycling. By being plain, not impervious, and beaten, the path is suitable for walking, biking, jogging, nordic walking, and horse riding.The track crosses many different landscapes and areas of biodiversity: during the excursion it is possible to spot different animals such as Phaesants, Herons, Little Egrets, Kingfishers, Wild Boars, Roe Deers, Hares, and Wolfs.