Cattolica Past and Future

Category: Art & History

From the Port to the Aquarium, it is possible to follow a path of the town architectural history. A story linked to the evolution of the city and its population, a story which explains the role of Cattolica in the Italian history. Our itinerary starts right from the Dock area with the “Casa del Pescatore”, opened in 1934 during Fascism; at the beginning it was a retirement home for the local Fishermen, the first one to be built on the whole Adriatic Coast. Designed by the engineer Eligio degli Angeli, the building still preserves its own style. A three floors building with simple and harsh lines with a central tower surmounted by two anchors and a compass, symbols of seafaring. Our journey through time continues towards the city centre. In Via Mancini you’ll find two more examples of the XX century architecture: the Indoor Market and the Tourism Information Office Building. At the Indoor Market you can find typical, local food, wine and live style too. The building was inaugurated on June 5, 1926, in the presence of Italo Balbo, however the project to build an Indoor Market predates the advent of Fascism. A 45 meter long building, on two floors, deeply geometric, built using reinforced concrete. Cattolica was the first Town in the province to have an Indoor Market. Just a few meters down you will find the Tourist Information Office. The building was inaugurated in the late ’30s of the XX century as the post office. Again it was designed by Eligio Degli Angeli. The building has a clean, steely and triumphant style. The 1938 Sundial on the seafront was designed by Candiotti and it has been restyled with the colours of the city of Cattolica. In the City Center you will find Piazza I Maggio with the beautiful liberty style Fountain named “Fontane delle Sirene”.