The Blue flag is …

Cattolica can celebrate twenty-six years of the Blue Flag, an important recognition that has become a wonderful certainty. The Blue Flag Programme for Beaches, Marinas and Tourism Boats is run by the international, non-governmental, non-profit Organisation FEE (the Foundation for Environmental Education). The Blue Flag Programme has been implemented in Europe since 1987.

Cattolica has also obtained since 2012 the prestigious recognition of “Child-Friendly Beach” by receiving the “Green Flag of Italian Paediatricians”, a title given by almost 1000 paediatricians that rewards the quality of all the Beaches of the municipality and that is synonymous of value and guarantee of hygiene and protection for Children.

Clean water, shallow waters that allow Children to play safely, Lifeguards and facilities dedicated to Children are just some of the strict parameters examined by SIPPS (Italian Society of Preventive and Social Pediatrics) to assign the Green Flag to those that are the best Beaches for family vacations.

ph: Mauro Porti