The Conca park. a natural oasis

The Conca Valley Oasis was officially established by the Province of Rimini in 1991. It covers the area between the Conca River and its mouth (where the River joins the Sea), for a total ammount of 702 hectares. It also includes the river bed and the high water bed Areas of Cattolica, San Giovanni in Marignano and Morciano on the right bank and Misano Adriatico and San Clemente on the left side. The Area lies between geological formations of marine origin. The presence of some relict Environments along the Riverbed such as Hygrophilous Woods, Bushes and Artificial Ponds has allowed the protection of the already rich nesting community of water birds. On both banks of the River there are two paths, which follow the flow of the Conca River and which are used for sports and trekking activities. During the walk it is possible to come across a diversified local fauna: fallow Deer, Hares, pheasants, and many species of birds with scattered Ornithological Observation Posts.