Miacetto is the typical dessert of Cattolica. It is made only in Cattolica, “dal pòrt a li culonie” (“from the harbour to the colonies”, the two borders of the city), and is typically prepared during Christmas time. It is made with dried fruits, citrus zest, honey, sugar, and fine bran, without yeast, and baked in the oven.

Its recipe is documented since the 17th Century, and this tradition still live on today. The etymology of the name is connected to the idea of “the cake of a thousand grapes”, and its recipe was passed on in oral form through generations among Cattolica’s families. Indeed, as  any traditional dish, every house jealously preserves its own particular recipe. It is still mainly baked at home and offered to friends and relatives as a present, and only recently can be bought in stores and bakeries around Christmas time. Its traditional role as a precious and delicious present, makes it the perfect gift to give to the loved ones.