Church of S. Apollinare

The historical centre of Cattolica is identifiable with that part of Town that was built corresponding to the ancient “castrum” of the 1200s. The most relevant architectural and historical elements of “old Cattolica” are characterized by the Malatesta fortress (1491), the Church of Sant’Apollinare, the former Pilgrim Hospital (now the Museum of the Regina ) with the annexed Oratory of Santa Croce (XVI century), the
numerous underground tunnels and the Church of Saint Pio. The first mention of the Church of Sant’Apollinare was as early as 1313. It was restored in 1578, but its current appearance stems from a 1782 project by Gaetano Cupioli. The bell tower dates from 1795. The plaque, from 1637, on the façade recalls the origins of the town’s name. Note the Crucifixion (17th cent.) altarpiece by Basearini depicting Saints Sebastian and Saint Rocco, and in the background the City of Cattolica.