International Talent Award 2023

The International Talent Award returns to Cattolica.
From 17th to 19th February, the Teatro della Regina will host a master classe dedicated to
classical and modern dance

A project born from the idea of giving value to young students and their talent offering important
opportunities in collaboration with authoritative Ballet Academies among the most renowned in
the world. The INTERNATIONAL TALENT AWARD project is conceived, wanted and promoted
by the committee of “Metti le Ali al Talento”: an organization that has already been present for
several years with numerous international projects of great value. “Metti le Ali al Talento” has
been dedicating itself to the promotion of young people for some years now through the
awarding of scholarships in order to help them in their study and artistic training, distributing the
funds raised from the realization of events such as the one in question.
The INTERNATIONAL TALENT AWARD competition also has the objective of enhancing young
talents and their support for growth in the artistic field and training in the teaching field.
With this important project we want to offer important opportunities both at an
educational/didactic level thanks to partnerships with important International Ballet Academies,
but also for employment with Junior Companies.
Furthermore, INTERNATIONAL TALENT AWARD pays particular attention to the work
of schools which is carried out with great sacrifice, offering opportunities to those who excel in
training work.
The master classes will be open to all competitors and also to those who will not participate in
the competitions/auditions, upon payment of a registration fee and availability of places.
Participation in the master classes is an excellent opportunity to learn and learn from the
precious experience of Authoritative Masters, drawing an advantage for one’s artistic and
professional future.

Data: Dal 17 febbraio
Time: dalle 10:00
Address: Piazzale della Repubblica
For a fee
Organized by: Comune di Cattolica; Metti le Ali al Talento
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