Category: Family Sport & Wellness

If you wish to take care of your body and mind during your vacation, here are three simple ideas.Many of the local beach establishments offer Jacuzzi Pools, relaxation areas and massage treatments. Furthermore, there are many Spas and Wellness Centres scattered throughout the
territory, in which you can try regenerating paths, heated Jacuzzi pools, Saunas, Mud Baths and much more. If you wish to relax your mind, in Cattolica there are many courses and activities of outdoor yoga. It is possible to practice yoga both at Parco della Pace, surrounded by trees and nature, or at dawn or sunset by the Sea, to enjoy beautiful views and the relaxing sound of the lapping waves. Finally, just a few kilometres from Cattolica, you can benefit from the Thermal Waters offered in both Riccione and Rimini, where you can enjoy Spa treatments, Thermal Tools, Balneotherapy and so on.