Sailors or archaeologists?

Category: Family
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Time: Up to 3 hours
Season: Autumn Spring Summer Winter
  • Museo della Regina

The museum of Cattolica (Museo della Regina) is definetely worth a visit: located in
the heart of the old town, it passionately narrates the long history of the city, from its
Roman roots to the Medieval foundation more than 750 years ago.
At the museum you will get to know the customs and traditions of Cattolica, thanks to
its two distinguished sections. The first recounts the history of the city, from the
origins of the seaside village during Bronze Age, through the Roman years and the
foundation in the High Middle Ages, until the Malatesta lordship in the Renaissance.
The second section is dedicated to the sea, showing the history of the dock, many
different types of historical and contemporary ships and boats, and the ancient crafts
connected to the sea. Children will be enchanted by boat miniatures, dioramas and
replicas of ancient equipment.

Want more fun for the children?
Every Thursday evening, from June to August, the museum organizes “Un’Estate da
Regina”: a workshop for kids of all ages, in which they will get to know the city and its
history through fun playing, reading and crafting.


Up to 3 hours