Category: Sea Sport & Wellness

Do you love Beach life but easily get bored laying down on a beach chair all day? Shallow waters, sandy seabeds, waves, and a breath of wind are the perfect combination to test one of the many Water Sports offered by local Beach Establishments and Sports Schools. All the sports can be done by both experts and beginners.

Stand Up Paddle – SUP
Similar to surfing, sup is very easy to learn with a bit of balance and practice. A fun sport that will allow you to experience the wonder of paddling along the coastline at dawn or sunset: do it alone or in company, to gather special memories.

On windy days, particularly at the two ends of Cattolica Beach, you can have the chance to ride the Adriatic sea waves, together with the many local enthusiasts and experts that never let the chance to surfing pass by.

When the sea is not enough there is always the sky. If altitude does not get you dizzy then take a helmet and a parachute, hop on a boat and experience the thrill of flying over Cattolica beach.

Kitesurfing involves using wind with a kite to pull you across water on a surfing board. An high-intensity sport that will let you glide over the waves with wind in your hair.

If you are looking for strong emotions, then windsurfing is the right choiche. A sport combining surfing and sailing that will let you fly smoothly above the surface even in lighter winds. Although it takes a lot of practice to master it, windsurfing can be a fun experience also for beginners.

Cattolica has the Sea in its DNA, therefore one of the most characteristic water sport is sailing. Thanks to the local sailing club, you can retrace the history of both this sport and local tradition.

These are only few of the water activities that Cattolica offers: come to discover diving offshore, pedal boats, banana boats and many more!