La “fontana delle Sirene”, a sea manifesto

The 1920s meant important tourism promotion works and structural interventions in Cattolica to improve the look and functionality of the seaside resorts. Among the most important ones, there was the design and the construction of a monumental fountain in the middle of the square that later became the new heart of the City, connecting the historical Center to the Touristic Areas.

Between 1928 and 1929 the iconic Fountain of the Sirens, commissioned to the sculptor Giuseppe Casalini (1887 – 1957), became a manifesto of the City and still today is one of the main symbols of Cattolica together to the “Cubia’s eyes”. Located in Piazza I Maggio, the sculpture was made of reinforced concrete, a material that Casalini called “modern stone” and finished in cement and marble grit with Verdigris copper, a compound that when wet acquires the shades of bronze and loads the work of unexpected shades. The structure of the Fountain reproduces the shapes of three young women, three sensual girls dressed in Egyptian style, who support the basin, and for whom the Sculptor took his daughter Francesca as a model.