The Regional park of Mount San Bartolo

The Natural Park of Monte San Bartolo is part of the Marche Region, although in the ancient sixteenth-century maps the Romagna reached the upper village of Fiorenzuola di Focara. The park stands between Gabicce Mare and Pesaro, it is very interesting from a naturalistic point of view ,with its cliffs it forms a particular seascape with fossil fish and rare chalk crystals. At the foot of the cliffs runs a thin beach of gravel and pebbles, formed by the landslide of the walls above and rich in fossils, once used for paving the streets of the town of Pesaro.

Through a Panoramic road you can reach the ancient villages of Gabicce Monte,Casteldimezzo, Fiorenzuola di Focara, Santa Marina Alta and the small port of Baia Vallugola. On the Monte San Bartolo you can find woods mixed with oak and hornbeam and rare species such as maritime flax, rush, the cliff carrot and broom. In the natural park is possible to see many species of migratory birds including the Peregrine Falcon, the honey and Marsh Falcons as well as a very rare species: the Pale Harrier, which comes from Africa to nest in Eastern Europe. San Bartolo is also the wintring place for some coastal seabirds, such as the greater Smergo, the Cormorant, the Great Grebe and Small Grebe and, in the colder winters, the eider, in addition to that of numerous species of Gulls, including some examples of Saffron, Gavina, Coral Gull, Seagull and Cmmon Seagull.